Clare tries to revolution down a motor vehicle so you’re able to hitchhike the others of the ways but is unsuccessful

Clare tries to revolution down a motor vehicle so you’re able to hitchhike the others of the ways but is unsuccessful

Eli says to the lady she are unable to hitchhike to Ny and you will Clare says she will be able to in the event that she will find you to definitely simply take the woman. Eli says she cannot continue running aside, however, she says she is not powering aside the very first time in the days, this woman is running to your this lady upcoming. Eli claims they forgotten a kid so there try some thing they have to deal with and it’s really okay to take a break. Clare doesn’t want to take a rest due to the fact this past year she got cancer tumors then got better. After that she claims she said to herself, “anybody can live your life,” but had pregnant. Clare suggests Eli the girl new iphone 4 lock screen, which is an image of their baby’s ultrasound. Clare up coming says that was the point of some of that it when the she was only browsing lose the brand new “stupid infant.” She continues on angrily, “‘take some slack Clare,’ the newest market enjoys informing me personally. Zero, I will not get a break. Maybe not because of it, maybe not for this doc, and not for this foolish automobile!” Eli says to Clare he will bring the woman and Clare concerns this because the battery’s deceased. Eli acknowledges he may has actually faked it. Clare requires when the they are serious and you will Eli tells their to ignore about this as the guy wants the woman as happier after that which you the woman is gone through; she deserves they profil shagle. He needs which he requires their and you will Clare believes but needs it follow GPS tips which there’s no funny providers.

Eli continues on all the questions, claiming, “higher you are in, however you will must look for housing from inside the Nyc that will be very difficult

Eli and you can Clare are on the trail since Eli comes up that have possible concerns Columbia’s admissions manager you’ll query this lady such as for instance, “the first year system are full, how to propose I allow you to in?” Clare with full confidence responds one to she actually is willing to review the newest groups up to a few college students invariably drop-out. Eli uses with, “would not you end up being prone to loose if the very early projects aren’t getting marked?” Clare states “zero, I am probably the most determined lady you’ll previously meet.” When you look at the a gasoline station, Eli and you will Clare try to shop for edibles. Eli asks if the she desires corn chips and you may she answers one she without a doubt desires him or her, with salsa. ” Clare slower states she’s going to give her she’s going to accept the girl boyfriend. Eli are amazed and you can requires “really?” Clare asks if it music sweet. Eli grins and says of course. Eli transforms out and you may excitedly finds raisins, and this Clare labels since the unpleasant bad red grapes. Clare turns and you may asks regarding the chicken jerky. Eli playfully says, “oh sure, dried fruit disgusting, however, dried animal carcass, mmm.” It make fun of. Given that Eli asks Clare why are the woman just as worth that it different, Clare comes up on a frame to possess a baby picture and you will looks on it, delivering it in. Immediately following an overcome, Eli says her title and she replies so you’re able to Eli’s question which have, “We tell her ‘if you think I overcame difficulty whenever i overcome cancer tumors, waiting ’til you can see exactly what I’m for example once shedding a baby.'” She stares for a longer period, sad, and you can transforms returning to Eli.

Eli guarantees the lady he’d was indeed stunning and amazing

Clare and you may Eli are a couple of miles beyond the border of your Us whenever Clare, eating brand new jerky it ordered, requires him not to burst the lady ripple and you may thought the next where they may has actually that which you it need. Eli believes and you may claims a key investigation having a giant balcony and jokes one to Clare wants an effective moisture-managed beef jerky drawer. They make fun of at this in advance of Clare happens silent, offered. Clare asks if the “he” will have liked beef jerky too. Eli looks so you can the woman and you will asks in the event the she function their boy. Clare initiate choking up and Eli draws to the side out of the trail and parks the car. He sighs and you will claims perhaps, but he’d have instructed your best, that have a small smile. A tear falls down Clare’s cheek just like the she says she cannot faith they’ll never ever analyze him and this might can’t say for sure as to why. Eli looks at her with a tear running down their cheek too. Clare contributes that it is just not fair. Clare requires it for the which have an excellent sob and you will nods the woman lead. Eli wipes a rip aside and you can requires the girl when the the woman is in a position hitting the street. Clare wipes out a rip as well and you will reacts that it’s time for you to turnaround while they possess some what to grab care of. Eli leans for the and you can says on her to come to your and additionally they hug. Clare sighs and you can takes a defeat. Clare says ok, requires Eli’s hand, and you will kisses it.

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