This new Armenians phone call the spot Portasar – meaning “Slope Navel”

This new Armenians phone call the spot Portasar – meaning “Slope Navel”

hi graham like work. truly doubt this new navel term principle tho. “gobekli” was an effective turkish label in addition to turks simply found anatolia a lot of yrs before. new names it offered was basically not related into early in the day brands during the other dialects… along with, not sure that gobekli is truly flipping our knowledge ugly? i do believe there are some almost every other agreements regarding a similar big date inside the northern iraq/syria. this region try a provider region of a kind of rice. good chance somebody involved ferment they having alcohol grind linked so you can rites. possibly solutions a date having symbol carvings and you may spiritual sorts of habits – that’s already speculated having ‘shamanism’ regarding the paleolitihic instance 30k yrs before – however, all the very easy truth be told there, most, i do believe… andy xx

Karahan is yet another fascinating title, probably produced from Sumerian KAR/KARA, a mix of terms plus identifiable given that supply of French Carnac, offered as the ‘harbour’ and you can translatable once the a good ‘joining together’, – with the additional NA – regarding rocks

Hello Andy You may want to look at the previous (Armenian) identity out of Gobekli Tepe earlier obtained the term from inside the Turkish. I have travelled extensively inside Armenia and certainly will show this might be a very hot challenge with the brand new Armenians. A tip right here: Thanks, Graham

many thanks for the latest answer, graham! the fresh new armenian allege is certainly so much more interesting than the turkish label! and you will age is actually a translation. you know so it?

Andy, You employ the expression ‘just’ that we did not, for a good reason

Never forgetting these particular internet sites is neither Turkish neither Armenian in the its sources, however, Mesopotamian and you will beyond. Both names, Gobek and you will Portasar is associated in this he could be detailed from the area throughout the vocabulary while the time of men and women civilisations but eventually the name would be Sumero-Akkadian which was the language of one’s region a long time before they came along. We have already made the actual situation one to Gobek stems from here thanks to GU?-BI (found in the Tale out-of Sukurru/The fresh new Tips out of Shuruppak), as most probably along with do Portasar by way of BUR, the newest ‘bowl’ or, a whole lot more remarkably, owing to DUR (that’s directly regarding GU?). The newest English waist line are acquired in NA that’s ‘stone’. Away from KAR-AN-NA (perhaps that have AK). Egyptian Karnak appears to derive from KUR-NA escort girl Irving, the stone slopes, a combo discover many time inside my ongoing lso are-interpretation from Enki’s Go Nibru. Virtually no instance can be produced to own appropriation ones cities by any classification from modern brands of its labels. Madeleine

Turkish ‘gobek’, Armenian ‘portasar’, English ‘navel’ or ‘umbilical’ all of the lead straight back as a result of that route or some other towards the same context – from which all of those terminology derived. ‘Just’ suggests anything low which will be the opposite of your own truth in this situation. Indeed, people terms and conditions are from the original notion of the brand new heavenly womb, the newest Milky Ways, a perfect maternal cable because of and therefore delivery and you will revival exists. I discovered GU?-BI along with her inside good 280-range text regarding Mesopotamia old so you’re able to california.2600 BC. The term KILI, which has some definitions where ‘in order to encircle’ and you will ‘block’, pursue a few outlines subsequent along. Maybe a happenstance but I do believe maybe not. The newest UM of umbilical has got the offered definition ‘rope’ if you are UM-MA is the ancestral Mommy. The fresh NA from navel has the offered meaning ‘stone’ and i also strongly recommend it is supply of the brand new omphalos (UM) stone listed above by the Graham. Hidden or otherwise not, experience with such as internet are section of a profoundly stuck community that went on before the a lot more afterwards blog site of the Mesopotamians – when you look at the a vocabulary also known as Sumerian. Its facts is only now beginning to lso are-emerge.

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